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"For me, Dracula has always been associated with travel and beautiful historical places."

Elizabeth Kostova

More quotes about 'TRAVEL'



Police shoot dead crew member of TV show Cops as he filmed robbery

The Sopranos TV mob mafia crime


Great British Bake Off


WEIRD NEWS OF THE WEEK: 102-year-old becomes oldest Brit to take the Ice Bucket Challenge

Daniel Radcliffe

Nine-year-old girl accidentally kills shooting range instructor with Uzi

Police Commissioner 'must resign' over Rotherham abuse scandal

UK united kingdom 108

comicbook Superman comics book comic superhero

Classroom education school class lesson

Whole Lotta Love for Led Zeppelin: Here are the world's top 10 guitar riffs

Car Tax Disc

Twitch logo live streaming gaming games stream online

Accidentally crossed the line: Captured Russian troops in Ukraine were 'there by accident’

Breaking Bad

Salmond and Darling clash over Scottish independence in TV debate

Vacuum cleaner hoover

Kate Moss champagne glass drinking model

Paul Gascoigne

James Foley

Number of complaints against doctors soars

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